LED Cross light sign 80 x 80 cm / 2.6 x 2.6 ft

cm ft 
• size: 80 × 80 cm • size: 2.6 × 2.6 ft
• number of LEDs: 448 pcs / face • number of LEDs: 448 pcs / face
• programming: pre-programmed • programming: pre-programmed
• facilities: max.3 animations • facilities: max.3 animations
• panel type: outdoor / indoor • panel type: outdoor / indoor
• supply voltage: 230V ac
• supply voltage: 230V ac

Visible Size
LED Color
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High-quality, high visibility LED crosses for pharmacies, apotheke, veterinary, pet shops, doctor's offices, and EMS services. Outdoor use, weather protection.

LED crosses are the best way to make yourself easy to find, and to be closer to your clients and patients!

Advantages of non-programmable LED punch crosses:

—these can be made in countless color combinations;

—you can choose to be animated or static;

—Long life;

—it can make it easier for you to observe;

—adds a modern and non-conformist air to your business;

—in case of change of location, the advertisement can be moved;

Take advantage of the thousands of benefits offered by your bright advertising!

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